KINHOM Furniture Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is one of the earliest chain furniture brands in the country and a founding member of the Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. It has 38 years of furniture brand experience. The product range covers all categories of furniture experience, including civilian bedroom furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, and customized furniture.


The China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce is initiated by a group of the most influential large enterprises in the domestic and international furniture, building materials, and decoration industries, as well as enterprises dedicated to the development of the industry. KINHOM is a founding member of the China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce.


KINHOM products have covered more than 300 cities and regions across the country, providing a healthy sleep experience for 30 million families.


Cooperated with Swiss bedding designer Elite to launch the high-end mattress brand "SHEWEEDARE". With the original Swiss team stationed in China to ensure global management uniformity, from raw material procurement, production management to sales expansion. It provides guarantees including process design, material selection, production operations, quality control, marketing management, and safe logistics for Chinese dealers.


KINHOM Furniture was incorporated into Heung Kong Holdings (stock code: 600162).


Introduced Belgium's "Purotex anti-mite technology" as the first in the industry, providing sleep products for 30 million households.


Introduced advanced mattress production equipment, realizing the closed loop of products from independent design to efficient production and strict quality control. The annual production capacity of mattresses reaches over 1 million.


Established KINHOM Sleep Research Center in strategic cooperation with many top sleep institutions around the world, specializing in Chinese people's sleep, pursuing designs more suitable for Chinese people. From materials to production, striving for perfection, just to create better and more comfortable furniture.


KINHOM vigorously develops a low-carbon economy and advocates green low-carbon production. It uses its own production base to recycle photovoltaic power generation, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and lower energy consumption. At the same time, it builds green low-carbon transportation infrastructure. From eco-friendly packaging to electrified transportation, it effectively solves the problems of high cost, low efficiency, and high noise in traditional logistics, and promotes the sustainable development of China's logistics industry.